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Say hello to smarter lab management with the PiSmart Slide printer featuring the PathSmart Tracking Solution. 

Better sample labeling and tracking empowers better patient care. The robust PiSmart workflow solution delivers intuitive, built-in software, a simple interface, and excellent connectivity options.

Finally, printers that work as hard as you do to keep patient samples safe. 


A fast, 3-5 second print time ensures you're never pausing your workflow waiting for slides to print.


Dark, high-contrast barcode printing ensures scannability and allows up to 100 characters on each slide.


A touchscreen with an intuitive, easy-to-learn interface means less time training.


The PathSmart tracking system paired with built-in scanner and easy LIS integration delivers a smart solution.

PiSmart Two Hopper Slide Printer

The PiSmart Slide Printer with included PathSmart Tracking Solution incorporates two hoppers for pre-loading different slide types. Intelligent Slide Selection (ISS) functionality automatically determines the microscope slide required for individual samples by analyzing the label content and dispensing from the correct hopper for printing.  

An additional single-slide manual load option allows users to bypass the hoppers when needed. Weighing in at only 16 pounds, the PiSmart printer is light and easy to move and reposition on the benchtop.

When you choose StatLab as your printer partner, we promise you:

  • Four years of StatSwap service coverage
  • Lifetime printhead guarantee2
  • Guaranteed LIS compatibility
  • Ten ribbons included with thermal transfer printer purchase
  • Guaranteed validated consumables
  • Included PathSmart tracking system hub module
  • Supported integration

The only thing required from you is to utilize StatLab validated cassettes and slides on your PiSmart printers.

Discover how reliable PiSmart printers really are.

PathSmart Innovative Tracking Solution Included with all PiSmart Printers

Control all of your PiSmart equipment while connecting your processes with the PathSmart Tracking Solution, transforming your lab to be faster, smarter, and more connected. Designed to close gaps in information, delivering additional information to support chain of custody for samples, the PathSmart hub also links all PiSmart printers to one computer, syncing user management, templates, and software updates.

You’re In Control. Standardize templates for printing while configuring, managing and updating your PiSmart printers all from the SmartHub Module. 

Lifetime Access. PathSmart™ comes bundled with every PiSmart printer and includes lifetime access to the SmartHub module. Simply install the software on your PC and within minutes you can update and manage all PiSmart printers in the lab with ease.

A Smarter Workflow. PathSmart™ provides you with a real-time view of all printer and sample activity in the lab, connecting easily into established workflows, and improving them with intuitive tracking capabilities. 

Designed for you. Made by us.
PiSmart printers are developed and manufactured in a StatLab ISO 9001 facility in Polegate, England, by the team who developed the very first cassette printers. 

The PiSmart Printer has given us extra space in our lab. It’s easy to use, and the small footprint and simple LIS integration makes it a great fit. We recommend the PiSmart for labs looking to increase automation without bulky equipment.”



StatSwap Extended Service Program

Ultimate peace of mind for your lab and the easiest way to solve problems while preventing disruption when you need help.

Slide Compatibility

Choosing the right type of slide is important to deliver a complete workflow solution for effective, problem-free printing.

Using a slide with a rough painted end will result in a mottled print, or require a higher heat setting. The higher the heat, the higher the risk of any complications with the ribbon.

Using slides designed for thermal transfer printing prevents ribbon burn and ensures a smooth printing experience, slide after slide, delivering a dense, high-quality print even at heat setting 5.

StatLab recommends Millennia Command, Millennia 1000, TOMO or Colorview+ adhesion slides and the Millennia Non-adhesion slides, all designed for use with thermal transfer printers.

Millennia Command Adhesion Slides

Millennia Non-adhesion Slides

TOMO Adhesion Slides

PiSmart Slide Printer Accessories

Thermal Transfer Ribbon 
Compatible with slide and cassette printer

Extra Hoppers
Sold individually

Printhead Cleaning Kit
25 alcohol filled swabs

Increase accuracy and efficiency in your lab. Request a demo.

PiSmart Cassette Printers
Learn more about the entire PiSmart printer portfolio including the PiSmart Cassette Printers.

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  2. Lifetime defined as 5 years

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