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Better stains for better results.

The StatLab Stain Optimization Program can help you improve your efficiency and quality.

Maintain result precision and the preferences of your pathologist with this risk-free opportunity to improve your H&E stains and your workflow. StatLab H&E stain lines provide a variety of options, and with this efficient program, allow you to explore alternatives whether you're looking to improve longevity by moving from a Gil or Harris to a premium stain that doesn't need filtering, or would like to match your current premium stain with a StatLab alternative.

With four proprietary hematoxylin and eosin formulations to mix and match, you can have complete control over the clarity and coloration of your slides while using the most state-of-the-art stain technology. Workflow recommendations and optimization are included with the program, so there’s no time wasted tweaking your current protocol to work with a new stain.

The industry’s foremost staining experts lead the team working on your stain optimization. Their experience in clinical laboratory settings and stain product development and troubleshooting ensure valuable recommendations or your laboratory.

Take a step toward better results today. 

Here's how the stain optimization program works. 


Your Sales Representative will work with you to learn more about your lab and your current protocol. They will request the following to complete the Stain Optimization:

  •  1 stained slide sample so our Product Support team can understand your current stain results
  • 9 unstained slide samples from the same block, which StatLab stain experts will use to provide stained examples to return to you and your lab for review


Our team of experts will review your protocol and slides, and develop several options tailored to your pathologist’s personal preferences. Laboratory workflow and turnaround time will be considered in all recommendations.


Your Representative will schedule time to deliver stained slides or digital images and protocols to your team. They will review the results of your Stain Optimization with your pathologist to ensure complete satisfaction.

What is large format processing?

Large format tissue processing is a technique for histology laboratories to process larger pieces of tissue using the same instruments as those for standard tissue processing. Studies have shown that large format processing saves time and money and provides pathologists a better view of the case instead of piecing it back together on multiple slides.1, 2

Pathflow Supa Mega cassettes are almost three times the size of a standard cassette and can fit that much more tissue. With large format histology, pathologists are able to see more of the tissue at once, allowing better examination of whole tissue sections and margins. They're available in standard, slim, and SupaMega Mothership sizes.

PathFlow SupaMega Mothership Cassettes use an innovative docking bay for the majority of standard-sized tissue processing cassettes printed with ID bar codes and/or test information. This enables the specimen to be entered onto an LIS, guaranteeing accurate and reliable tracking.

Is large format right for your lab?

Large format processing is used to allow a whole organ section to be studied on one slide instead of multiple slides. It can be used with many tissue types such as bone, bowel, brain, breast, kidney, liver, lung, pancreas, prostate, skin, and thyroid, and is excellent to use in clinical labs where multiple cases of these tissue types are processed, Urology labs for prostates, or veterinary labs where vocal cords or jaws are studied.

Improved care

The ability to see tumor profile in large sections at once eliminates the mental jigsaw puzzle of piecing together cases from multiple slides.


No need to change processing or staining machines. Only the addition of a clamp is needed for the microtome.

Time savings

No further dissection required to fit into smaller cassettes. Eliminates the need of pathologists to switch between multiple slides.

Cost savings

Reduced number of slides to be processed and cut, saving both time and processing costs in reagents, stains and slides.

Download a free e-book with everything you need to get started with large format processing.

  • Protocols
  • Workflow and equipment modifications
  • Use cases
  • Product lists

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SupaMega cassettes are manufactured in the StatLab Newtown, Wales manufacturing center of excellence.

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"We routinely utilize whole mounts for prostates, melanoma, breast lumpectomies, and even some brain autopsies. Having the ability to visualize the complete margins negates the need to mentally reconstruct the tissue and permits the use of zero magnification photographs. This is an extremely useful tool in our laboratory. It allows us to demonstrate tumor features and growth patterns, all in relation to the margins."


1. College of American Pathologists, Valenstein PN, Raab SS, Walsh MK. Identification errors involving clinical laboratories: a College of American Pathologists Q-Probes study of patient and specimen identification errors at 120 institutions. Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2006 Aug;130(8):1106-13. doi: 10.5858/2006-130-1106-IEICL. PMID: 16879009

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