Don’t sacrifice precision or

Maintain both precision in your results and the preferences of your pathologist with this risk-free opportunity to improve your H&E stains and your workflow.

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Improve results and your workflow.
With four proprietary hematoxylin and four proprietary eosin formulations to mix and match, you can have complete control over the clarity and coloration of your slides while using the most state-of-the-art stain technology.

Workflow recommendations and optimization are included with the program, so there’s no time wasted tweaking your current protocol to work with a new stain.

Experts you can rely on.
The industry’s foremost staining experts lead the team working on your stain evaluation. Their experience in clinical laboratory settings and stain product development and troubleshooting ensure valuable recommendations for your laboratory.


Take a step towards better results today.

1. Collect

Your Sales Representative will work with you to learn more about your lab and your current protocol. They will request the following to complete the Stain Evaluation:

• 1 stained slide sample
• 5 unstained slide samples
  from the same tissue

2. Develop

Our team of experts will review your protocol and slides, and develop several options tailored to your pathologist’s personal preferences. Laboratory workflow and turnaround time will be considered in all recommendations.


3. Deliver

Your Representative will schedule time to deliver stained slides and protocols to your team. They will review the results of your Stain Evaluation with your pathologist to ensure complete satisfaction.



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Many products are manufactured right here in our state of the art facility with ISO 13485 standards for quality you can rely on