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  1. NeutraGreen™ Liquid Neutralizer

    Liquid to transform waste formalin into an odorless, 100% non-hazardous material. No powders to mix or dissolve.

  2. NeutraGreen™ Aldehyde Test Strips
    Item # : NTS-100

    NeutraGreen™ aldehyde test strips to determine if waste formalin has been safely and effectively neutralized for drain disposal. Use with NeutraGreen™ liquid neutralizer.

  3. NeutraSafe™ (Powdered Neutralizer)

    Powder to safely and quickly neutralize aldehyde solutions for safe drain disposal.

  4. NeutraSafe™ Aldehyde Test Kit
    Item # : FTK/25

    Determine if waste formalin has been safely and effectively neutralized for drain disposal when using NeutraSafe formalin neutralizer powder.

  5. Dry Mats™ Formalin Neutralizing Pads
    Item # : 1728-54

    12" x 13" sheets contain a proprietary formaldehyde-specific neutralizer.

  6. FormaGuard™ Formalin Neutralizing Pads

    Guard against formaldehyde vapors and exposure with FormaGuard™ neutralizing pads with a highly absorbent core.

  7. Fan Pad-GL™ Formalin Neutralizing Pads

    Specially treated pad that absorbs formaldehyde and converts it to a non-hazardous polymer, eliminating harmful vapors. Available in a mini roll (shown), small 6X14, and large 8X25 sizes.


  8. TransForm FSA /5lb
    Item # : CWTFFSA5LB
    New faster formula for large spills! Formulated to absorb, deodorize, and neutralize 10% Formalin spills in seconds. Just apply to the formalin spill and wait one minute.
  9. TransForm Spray /Pint
    Item # : CWTFSPT
    Transform 10% Formalin into Carbon Dioxide and water in as little as 3 seconds with TransForm Spray. TransForm Spray destroys formalin and its fumes in seconds.

17 items

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