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Since we started in 1976, we’ve added products—and resources—to help your lab be more efficient and cost-effective. What hasn’t changed is the hands-on support we provide, with industry-leading customer service that’s constantly monitored to ensure we’re exceeding your expectations. 


Quality products that deliver exceptional results.
65,000 square feet of manufacturing space gives us room to develop and produce with focused attention to quality control. A raw material and in-process testing lab, state-of-the-art deionized water production facility, and nitrogen blanketed chemical tank farm represent investments we’ve made to ensure the highest product quality.

These measures, paired with operational standards including ISO 13485 certification and lot-to-lot verification, ensure we confidently stand behind the products you use with a strong quality guarantee. 

Experts you can rely on when you need help.
Full access to a technical team with decades of laboratory experience helps customers navigate products and protocols in a variety of environments. Behind the scenes, a robust research and development team never stops working to create better and unique products that solve problems. We’re on your team.



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Many products are manufactured right here in our state of the art facility with ISO 13485 standards for quality you can rely on