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StatLab Medical Products has been dedicated to helping anatomic pathology laboratories provide the best possible patient care since 1976. We offer an extensive portfolio of self-manufactured consumables and labeling and tracking equipment from five manufacturing sites in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany. Our global operational footprint powered by over 500 mission-driven colleagues delivers a dependable and resilient supply chain of high-quality products and solutions, and a customer-centric approach inspires us to deliver reliability, innovation, and quality in every interaction. 

Since we started in 1976, we’ve added products—and resources—to help your lab deliver the highest quality of patient care possible while becoming more efficient and cost-effective. What hasn’t changed is the hands-on support provided, with industry-leading Customer Service that’s constantly monitored to ensure we’re exceeding your expectations. 


Our Mission

Our Mission is simple. We empower our customers to provide the best patient care possible. This drives everything we do throughout our organization.

Our Values

We are dedicated to the success of the company, our co-workers, and our customers. Working together to achieve our mission of providing high-quality medical consumables and products can only happen with conscientious effort and collaboration of the entire team.

We follow through and take ownership of anything we are responsible for—or commit to. Even if we fail, owning up to that failure and working towards a resolution.

We positively and enthusiastically act upon needs or requests in order to seek a true answer or best solution in the quickest, most economical, and best way possible.

We are provided the training, tools, support, and  motivation to do our work well and try new things, even if that means that sometimes we may fail. 

We meet goals and objectives, overcome challenges while remaining positive, and benefit the lives of those who interact and work with us.

McKinney and Arlington, Texas

StatLab has a long history of manufacturing high-quality prefills, reagents, stains and more at ISO13485-certified StatLab global headquarters in McKinney, Texas. A new injection molding manufacturing center in Arlington, Texas houses cassette manufacturing, a future sample archiving solution, and more.

Polegate, England

PiSmart cassette and slide printer manufacturing—alongside the PathSmart tracking solution development—takes place in Polegate, England. Formerly known as Pyramid Innovation, this site is led by the experienced, innovative team who developed the original cassette printing technology. 

Newtown, Wales

CellPath has manufactured cassettes and histology products for the UK and global markets for over 40 years, developing innovative archiving solutions and products to make it easier for labs to deliver accurate results. Their CellNass archiving service holds 75% of the samples for the entire UK population for fast retrieval when needed. 

Braunschweig, Germany

The addition of Knittel Glass, acquired by StatLab in 2023, expands StatLab manufacturing capabilities to microscope slides and coverglass. A leading global glass slide manufacturer known for high quality, customer focus, innovation, and automation, Knittel has making glass for over 35 years.

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On your team.


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