Cytology Stains

You can count on the performance of these stains formulated from top-grade, certified raw materials that have been tested to meet the industry's highest standards. Finished-good testing involved analytical, qualitative and quantitative analysis to ensure quality, longevity, and lot-to-lot consistency. All stain products are ready-to-use and require no dilution. StatLab's family of cytology stains will give you optimal results when used together under the recommended guidelines.

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  1. HemaDiff Rapid Stain Kit
    Item # : 11970-16

    Now in a kit for easy purchasing! Our best-selling rapid stain for the past 40 years. Includes 500ml of Fixative, Xanthene, and Thiazine.

  2. Classical EA-50 gal
    Item # : SL91-1
    Stain Classical EA-50 gal
  3. OG-6 Pint
    Item # : SL92-16
    Stain OG-6 Pint
  4. Modified EA-50
    Item # : SL96-16
    Stain Modified EA-50
  5. Classical EA-50 Pint
    Item # : SL91-16
    Stain Classical EA-50 Pint
  6. OG-6 gal
    Item # : SL92-1
    Stain OG-6 gal
  7. Modified EA-50 gal
    Item # : SL96-1
    Stain Modified EA-50 gal
  8. Hema-Diff #2 Xanthene 16 oz
    Item # : 11975-16
    Hema-Diff #2 Xanthene 16 oz
  9. Hema-Diff #2 Xanthene 1 gal
    Item # : 11975-1
    Hema-Diff #2 Xanthene 1 gal

28 items

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