Reserve Stain Line

StatLab’s Reserve Stain Line is unique to the industry with the most distinct and cellular-specific stains available. Reserve Hematoxylin is uniquely engineered to only stain the nuclear chromatin. No mucin staining is seen. Eosin Multichrome is a unique formulation that features three dyes, providing brighter, crisper cytoplasmic hues in shorter times. Reserve stains can last 3,500 slides before losing intensity.

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  1. Reserve Eosin Multichrome 500 mL
    Item # : SL201

    A proprietary mix of 3 dyes to provide excellent contrast for a clean and vibrant result. Must see to believe! 

  2. Reserve Hematoxylin 500 mL
    Item # : SL200
    Reserve Hematoxylin 500 mL
  3. Reserve Bluing Reagent gal
    Item # : SL203
    Reserve Bluing Reagent gal
  4. High-Def Acid Rinse 3.5% 1 Gallon
    Item # : SL103

    For both Vintage and Reserve Stain Line Use
    3.5% High-Def Acid Rinse, 1 Gallon

  5. High Def Acid Rinse 1%, 1 Gallon
    Item # : SL205

    For both Vintage and Reserve Stain Line Use
    High Def 1% Acid Rinse, 1 Gal

5 Items

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