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  1. Mod Brown Hopps Gram Stain Kit/Ea
    Item # : KTBHG
    Stains for gram positive and gram negative bacteria in just under 20 minutes.

    This kit is suitable in lieu of and comparable to various Brown-Hopps staining procedures. Basic Fuchsin and Crystal Violet both serve as primary stains, producing blue stained gram positive bacteria, along with red gram negative bacteria and nuclei, while the Picric Acid/Acetone provides a yellow counterstain.
  2. BrownHopps Gallego's Solution/100ml
    Item # : KC7931
    Brown-Hopps Gallego's Solution is a component for the MasterTech Brown-Hopps Stain Kit.
  3. Harris Hematoxylin
    Item # : SL90-x
  4. Deionized Water
    Item # : SL30-x
  5. Schiff’s Reagent
    Item # : 33700-xx
  6. Acetone, ACS Grade
    Item # : 00960-x
  7. Filter Paper
    Item # : 6150-2050x
  8. Eosin-Y, Alcoholic
    Item # : SL98-x
  9. Gill 1 Hematoxylin
    Item # : SL97-x
  10. Gill 3 Hematoxylin
    Item # : SL95-x
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