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H&E Stain Kit

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Stains nuclei and cytoplasm in under 15 minutes. For more than three decades, American MasterTech has been known for its premium Harris Hematoxylin. Only dyes certified by the Biological Staining Commission are used in MasterTech Harris Hematoxylin ensuring that every batch of Hematoxylin provides consistent and vibrant nuclear staining. Harris Hematoxylin serves as the primary stain, producing blue to purple nuclei against a pink to red background, counterstained by Eosin Y. Pint Stain Kit yields between 320-500 slides. Slide Yields assume maximum slides stained per run, maximum runs per use. Actual Slide Yields may vary.

Pint Kit Consists of: Harris Hematoxylin pint, Eosin Y Stain pint, Differentiating Solution pint, and Bluing Solution pint.

All kit components are available for purchase individually. Kits are sealed with a tamper-evident label for quality assurance. All kit components should be stored in a dry environment between 15º C and 30º C. Please review all component labels to ensure correct storage temperature.

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