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StatLab’s Select Hematoxylin distinctly stains nuclear chromatin and contains raw materials that are specific to certain proteins. Select Eosin has unique chemical properties, including pH, and effectively complements Select Hematoxylin to provide the best possible cellular contrast.

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  1. Select Hematoxylin 1 Pint
    Item # : SL401
    Select Hematoxylin 1 Pint
  2. Select Eosin 1 Gal
    Item # : SL406
    Select Eosin 1 Gal
  3. Select Eosin 1 Pint
    Item # : SL402
    Select Eosin 1 Pint
  4. Select Bluing 1 Gal
    Item # : SL403
    Select Bluing 1 Gal
  5. Select Acid Rinse 1 Gal
    Item # : SL404
    Select Acid Rinse 1 Gal

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