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Hello Histotechs and welcome to HistoHints – your go-to destination for all things histology! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your journey, we're glad you're here. Histology is embedded in our DNA, just like you. Get ready for a curated collection of tips, tricks, and insightful tidbits that will make your histology adventures even more exciting. Let's dive into the world of tissue mysteries together! 

  1. Choosing the right slide or cassette printer for your lab

    Still handwriting cassettes or slides and thinking it may be time to automate your printing and invest in printers? Hesitant to purchase due to budget constraints or time needed to transition and train your team? Don’t let this stop you! There are options available to make the transition as seamless and trouble-free as possible. And the benefits to your patients and staff are worth it.

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  2. 6 Simple Adjustments to take your Microtomy from Menacing to Manageable

    Experiencing challenges in cutting tissue blocks? Unsure whether it is related to the blade, microtome, or possibly an issue with the block? 

    Here are 6 simple adjustments that can help with common microtomy headaches, such as thick and thin sections, excess chatter and venetian blinds, or compression of tissue. 

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  3. 5 tips to take your coverslipping tape from cranky to cooperative

    Cranky coverslipping tape? 5 tips to ensure trouble-free coverslipping.

    Common problems with coverslipping tape like air pockets under the film, bubbles, waviness, or improper adhesion can often be resolved with a few simple tips and tricks. 

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  4. Troubleshooting and choosing the right type of slides

    Ugh. My tissue washed off again during IHC. Why is there so much background on the slide? I can’t get this toenail to stay on the slide. We get it, we’ve been there and have experienced all these situations. Let’s look at modifications that can be made to minimize issues. 


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