How many of these challenges have you encountered in the gross room or in the lab? 

  • Struggling to get the biopsy bag open to put a biopsy specimen into. 
  • Fumbling with biopsy paper to get it wrapped securely to protect the specimen. 
  • Tediously separating one foam pad at a time for placement inside cassette, followed by the specimen, then another pad. 
  • Removing the processed specimen from the foam pad during embedding without damaging the tissue. 
  • Slowly and carefully opening the biopsy bag during embedding to prevent the specimen from popping out or getting lost in the corner of the bag. 

Wouldn’t it be easier to have a more efficient way for safely handling biopsy specimens during grossing, processing, and embedding?

Picture a capsule that ensures specimen safety and prevents tissue damage, while still allowing adequate processing and ease of use in all areas. Check out our CellSafe + Biopsy Capsule that offers all these benefits plus more! 

The Cell Safe + Biopsy Capsule is a patented innovation that provides an easy-to-use alternative to more traditional and time-consuming handling techniques such as biopsy paper, bags, and foam pads. It consists of two hinged interlocking frames with an X-ray transparent mesh that can fit directly into prefilled and labeled formalin container (such as StatClick prefills) or a normal-size cassette for easy labeling and processing. At embedding, tissue can be removed with greater ease and security when compared to other methods. 

Here are some of the practical benefits to using Cell Safe + Biopsy Capsule: 

  • Reduced Reagent Carry-Over: The extra-fine mesh provides up to 20 times less carry-over of reagents than foam pads, allowing for more adequate processing  
  • Prevents tissue damage or artifacts: Unlike foam pads, which can cause tissue damage and artifacts, the mesh ensures that tissue integrity is maintained throughout processing. 
  • Increased Efficiency: These biopsy capsules are more efficient when compared to wrapping the biopsy in paper or wraps. 
  • Enhanced Visualization: The use of blue capsules with matching blue mesh allows for better visualization of light-colored biopsies, aiding in accurate identification and handling.  
  • Secure Closure: A positive “click” sound and feel is your assurance that the capsule is securely closed and the biopsy is safely contained. 
  • X-ray Transparency: The mesh is x-ray transparent, eliminating the need to open the capsule for biopsies or cores. This streamlines the process and reduces disruptions to the sample.