As histotechs, we all know that patient safety is one of the most important concerns in the lab. And we know that patient safety includes clear and accurate labeling of every single cassette that is used for patient tissue. Every day cassettes are printed, go through fixation, processing, and embedding while needing the print to stay intact and be as clean and crisp as when first printed. 

But what happens when excess wax is removed using a block trimmer and the case number or block number is no longer legible? Patient safety has now been compromised. What can be done to minimize the risk of this happening when using printed cassettes? Using PiSmart printers and cassettes!

What’s so special about PiSmart printers and cassettes?

PiSmart Cassettes are engineered specifically for use on the PiSmart Cassette Printer with a patented feature that sets them apart from any other cassette – raised pips on the corners of the printed surface. The raised pips protect the printed surface during dewaxing while still enabling wax to be cleared from the surface. The print face never touches the surface of the heated wax trimmer, helping to prevent ink from melting or scraping off the cassette. 

Other key benefits of using PiSmart printers and cassettes:

    • Fast with print speeds of 3-5 seconds per cassette
    • Simple interface that is easy to use and requires minimal training 
    • Reliable and accurate with a built-in scanner and PathSmart tracking system creating traceability 
    • Ability to connect to any on-market LIS 
    • Dark, high-contrast printing for easy identification and scanning 
    • Multiple colors and types of PiSmart cassettes available 

Improve histotech and patient safety with the StatLab PiSmart printers.