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45+ years of histology manufacturing, paired with the quality you need, and new expanded capabilities including injection molding and slides

lorem ipsum. Intro text 20, subtext 16. StatLab Medical Products is a developer and manufacturer of anatomic pathology consumables and labeling and tracking equipment for clinical and research laboratories. Our manufacturing sites in England, Wales and the USA support the goal of providing the most stable supply chain of high-quality products for laboratories around the world. A customer-centric approach drives our focus to deliver reliability, innovation, and quality in every interaction.

Since we started in 1976, we’ve added products—and resources—to help your lab deliver the highest quality of patient care possible while becoming more efficient and cost-effective. What hasn’t changed is the hands-on support provided, with industry-leading Customer Service that’s constantly monitored to ensure we’re exceeding your expectations. 

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What is large format processing?

Large format tissue processing is a technique for histology laboratories to process larger pieces of tissue using the same instruments as those for standard tissue processing. Studies have shown that large format processing saves time and money and provides pathologists a better view of the case instead of piecing it back together on multiple slides.1, 2

Pathflow Supa Mega cassettes are almost three times the size of a standard cassette and can fit that much more tissue. With large format histology, pathologists are able to see more of the tissue at once, allowing better examination of whole tissue sections and margins. They're available in standard, slim, and SupaMega Mothership sizes.

PathFlow SupaMega Mothership Cassettes use an innovative docking bay for the majority of standard-sized tissue processing cassettes printed with ID bar codes and/or test information. This enables the specimen to be entered onto an LIS, guaranteeing accurate and reliable tracking.

Is large format right for your lab?

Large format processing is used to allow a whole organ section to be studied on one slide instead of multiple slides. It can be used with many tissue types such as bone, bowel, brain, breast, kidney, liver, lung, pancreas, prostate, skin, and thyroid, and is excellent to use in clinical labs where multiple cases of these tissue types are processed, Urology labs for prostates, or veterinary labs where vocal cords or jaws are studied.


From prefills to stains, cassettes, reagents and slides, you have access to a portfolio of proven products, developed by leading experts with decades of experience.


A dedicated team of account representatives responds to your needs and requests quickly, supporting you with a clearly defined process.



StatLab has been manufacturing and developing products for over 45 years, beginning with prefills—and growing until we have the entire portfolio covered. We know histology.

High Quality

StatLab is an ISO 13485 certified manufacturer, and completes both in-process and finished goods testing to ensure product quality and purity. 

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5 StatLab manufacturing centers of excellence in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany are dedicated to producing high-quality products for the AP product workflow.


McKinney, TX  | Stain, Prefill, Reagent Manufacturing & Distribution

Arlington, TX  | Injection Molding Manufacturing


Newtown, Wales | Stain, Reagent, Prefills, Injection Molding Manufacturing 

Polegate, England | Printer Manufacturing 

Braunschweig, Germany | Glass Manufacturing

Embedding, biopsy, microbiopsy, mesh, multi-well, and large-format cassettes for histology, optimized for a variety of printers

Classic and premium hematoxylin and eosin formulations for histology and cytology in addition to gold-standard MasterTech special stains and kits

Premium adhesion coated and uncoated slides and coverglass, now manufactured in-house for the highest quality and consistency  

Alcohols, xylene and xylene substitutes, a variety of fixatives, decalicifiers, neutralizers, and more

PiSmart cassette and slide printers supported by the PathSmart sample tracking solution

StatClick prefills, 95kPa certified for transport in compliance with DOT and IATA standards for leak-resistant transportation

TruQ bioengineered controls with known biomarker expression profiles offer the first reference-standard control suitable for calibration

Small Equipment
Slide dryers, paraffin wax dispensers, paraffin trimmers, waterbaths, and hotplates, made to last in the United Kingdom

Storage and Archiving
A variety of solutions for block and slide storage and archiving

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