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Fast. Simple.


Better sample labeling and tracking empowers better patient care.

PiSmart on-demand slide and cassette printers work as hard as you do to keep patient samples safe and clearly labeled. 

The easy-to-use, shared interface makes them ideal to use together in the lab. And excellent connectivity options and simple LIS configuration means they’re IT-friendly. 

Fast and Small

A fast, 3-5 second print time ensures you're never pausing your workflow waiting for slides or cassettes. And a small footprint makes the printers ideal for on-demand printing.

Easy LIS Integration

PiSmart printers connect to any on-market LIS, and integration is supported by trained, experienced StatLab Service and Support Specialists. 


A touchscreen with an intuitive, easy-to-learn interface means less time training, and an integrated label designer means no additional software is needed.


The PathSmart tracking system paired with built-in scanner and easy LIS integration delivers a smart solution, and user login and tracking creates traceability for root cause analysis.

PiSmart Slide Printer

The PiSmart Slide Printer with included PathSmart Tracking Solution incorporates two hoppers for pre-loading different slide types and a manual bypass for individual slide printing.

PiSmart Cassette Printers

PiSmart Cassette Printers are available in either one or six hopper configurations, providing flexibility for on-demand or batch printing, with a capacity of up to 240 cassettes. 

PathSmart Innovative Tracking Solution Included with all PiSmart Printers

Control all of your PiSmart equipment while connecting your processes with the PathSmart Tracking Solution, transforming your lab to be faster, smarter, and more connected. Designed to close gaps in information, delivering additional information to support chain of custody for samples, the PathSmart hub also links all PiSmart printers to one computer, syncing user management, templates, and software updates.

You’re In Control. Standardize templates for printing while configuring, managing and updating your PiSmart printers all from the SmartHub Module. 

Lifetime Access. PathSmart™ comes bundled with every PiSmart printer and includes lifetime access to the SmartHub module. Simply install the software on your PC and within minutes you can update and manage all PiSmart printers in the lab with ease.

A Smarter Workflow. PathSmart™ provides you with a real-time view of all printer and sample activity in the lab, connecting easily into established workflows, and improving them with intuitive tracking capabilities. 

Designed for you. Made by us.
PiSmart printers are developed and manufactured in a StatLab ISO 9001 facility in Polegate, England, by the team who developed the very first cassette printers. 

The PiSmart Printer has given us extra space in our lab. It’s easy to use, and the small footprint and simple LIS integration makes it a great fit. We recommend the PiSmart for labs looking to increase automation without bulky equipment.”



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