Complete Stain Control

Our Stain Evaluation Program offers an endless number of fully customized stain combinations based on your specific needs.

With four proprietary hematoxylin and four proprietary eosin formulations to mix and match, you can have complete control over the coloration of your slides while using the most state-of-the-art stain technology. We’ll also take care of optimization for you, so there’s no time wasted tweaking your current protocol to work with a new stain.

How it Works

It's completely free and will enhance your H & E results.

  • 1


    Your Regional Sales Representative will collect information on your current protocol and preferences and gather a few stained and unstained slide samples.

  • 2


    Our team will select from our stains, tailor a protocol based on your unique preferences, and stain the sample slides from your lab.

  • 3


    Your representative will schedule time to review the samples with you and your pathologists to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results.

Take the first step toward updating your stains

StatLab's Technical Support Team will be happy to assist with optimizing your protocol.