Run more stains with the Quantum S2™ Slide Stainer, a fully-automated slide staining system featuring MasterTech stains.

This universal system is designed to automate the manual staining methods routinely used in special stains and related applications. Its user-friendly programming and flexible platform allow for easy user interface to produce consistent results, even on the trickiest of stains.

High quality MasterTech stains
On-board heating for silver stains
Stains uniquely available on the S2
Flexible purchase options

Equipment Specifications

Dimensions 36.5”W X 24” D X 21” H / 93cm W X 61cm D X 54cm H
Working Area w/Lid Up 60” W X 24” D X 36.5” H / 152.5cm W X 61cm D X 93cm H
Slide Capacity 36
Reagent Capacity 7 mL or 15 mL vials, provided in MasterTech S2 kits
Reagent Containers 40
Bulk Reagent Capacity 2 liter
Heating Onboard Individual modular slide heating

Practical features

RFID reader for reagent vials
Automated slide deparaffinization
Hazardous/non hazardous waste separation
Supported menu expansion

Intuitive software

Optimized protocols
Slide-specific/user-defined protocols
Simplified interface with LIS
Programmable delayed run start

The Quantum S2 automated special Stainer system features a growing portfolio of MasterTech special stains.

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