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PolyCyte P/F 20ml /Cs(48)

PolyCyte P/F 20ml /Cs(48) is available to buy in increments of 1
PolyCyte™ is a reliable, simple, and cost effective Mono-Layer Cytology solution. There are no expensive instruments, complicated procedures or high-priced consumables required. You can also use the Polycyte™ spray. Just spray the solution onto the collected specimen to create an even mono-layer.
PolyCyte™ requires only a vortex mixer. Specimen collection is just as easy as other liquid-based cytology methods. Simply collect the sample with a cervical broom or other collection device, deposit into pre-filled PolyCyte™ container, and submit to the lab. With PolyCyte™ you can rest assured that the sample will be preserved indefinitely through collection, processing, and archiving.

At the laboratory the specimen is vortexed for thirty seconds, pipetted onto a microscope slide, heated at 80°C for just ten minutes, cooled, stained with the Papanicolaou procedure, and cover slipped. Cellular presentation is demonstrated as a mono-layer on a single focus plane. Cells will be perfectly preserved with distinct nuclei, cytoplasm, and intact diagnostic detail. PolyCyte™ can be used for all GYN, FNA’s, cell buttons, urine cytology, or other non-GYN cytology specimens. Even if your lab already has an automated mono-layer cytology system, PolyCyte™ is an excellent backup method!
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