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CD3, Clone LN10, 10mL

SKU #: MM150-10
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Mouse Monoclonal, IVD, RTU Intended for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use. The CD3 antibody is useful in classifying T-cell neoplasms. This clone recognizes T cells in thymus, bone marrow, peripheral lymphoid tissue and blood, and is a pan T cell marker. The CD3 antigen is first detected in early thymocytes and its appearance can represent one of the earliest signs of commitment to the T cell lineage. References I. Steward M, Bishop R, Piggott NH et al. Production and characterization of a new monoclonal antibody effective in recognizing the CD3 T-cell associated antigen in formalin-fixed embedded tissue. Histopathology 1997; 30, 16–22. II. Williamson SLH, Steward M, Milton I et al. New monoclonal antibodies to the T cell antigens CD4 and CD8: Production and characterization in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue. American Journal of Pathology 1998; 152 (6), 1421–1426. III. Leong FJW-M and Leong AS-Y. Essential markers in malignant lymphoma: a diagnostic approach. The Journal of Histotechnology 2002; 25(4), 215– 227. IV. Krynitz B, Rozell B and Lindelof B. Differences in peritumoral inflammatory skin infiltrate between squamous cell carcinomas in organ transplant recipients and immunocompetent patients. Acta Dermato Venerologica. 2010; 90:379-385.

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