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McDonald's Gram Stain Kit, 100mL

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Stains for gram positive and gram negative bacteria in less than five minutes. This kit is suitable in lieu of and comparable to the Brown and Brenn, Brown and Hopps, and Modified Gram Methods for staining gram positive and gram negative bacteria. The MasterTech Gram Stain Kit® differs from these procedures in that Carbol Fuchsin is used instead of Saffranin which intensifies the stains. The kit is also safer to use than the traditional procedures because the hazardous Gallegos Differentiating Solution and picric acid/acetone is eliminated. The results are identical to the Brown & Brenn stain without the exposure to hazardous chemicals. Both Gentian Violet and Carbol Fuchsin serve as the primary stains, producing blue gram positive bacteria and red gram negative bacteria against a yellow background, counterstained by Optimized Tartrazine which provides more intense staining in less time than traditional Tartrazine formulations. 100ml Stain Kit yields between 36 and 45 slides. Pint Stain Kit yields between 144-225 slides. Liter Stain Kit yields between 306-450 slides. Slide Yields assume maximum slides stained per run, maximum runs per use. Actual Slide Yields may vary.

100ml Kit Consists of: Gentian Violet 100ml, Universal Iodine Solution 100ml, Gram's Decolorizer 100ml, Carbol Fuchsin 100ml and Optimized Tartrazine Counter Stain 100ml.

Pint Kit Consists of: Gentian Violet Pint, Universal Iodine Solution Pint, Gram's Decolorizer Pint, Carbol Fuchsin Pint and Optimized Tartrazine Counter Stain Pint.

Liter Kit Consists of: Gentian Violet Liter, Universal Iodine Solution Liter, Gram's Decolorizer Liter, Carbol Fuchsin Liter and Optimized Tartrazine Counter Stain Liter.

All kit components are available for purchase individually. Both kits are sealed with a tamper-evident label for quality assurance. All kit components should be stored in a dry environment between 15º C and 30º C. Please review all component labels to ensure correct storage temperature.

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