Formical-4, 1 Gal

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  • 1214-1
Fixative decalcifier can save time. Fresh tissue can be placed directly into Formical-4 to fix and decalcify simultaneously. Formulated for use on large dense samples that normally take several days to decalcify. In most cases, poor decalcification is due to poor fixation as large, dense bone usually does not fix properly. As Formical-4 begins to decalcify large specimens, it allows
better penetration of formaldehyde. Therefore, cortical bone, femoral heads, and teeth will not only decalcify better, they will fix better. Formical-4 has also proven to be a smart choice for IHC and ISH.
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1214-32 32 oz
1214-1 1 gallon
1214-5 5 gallon cube

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