Bladex Blade Exchange Device

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Product Code:
  • BLDX-2260-DS
A safe and convenient method for exchanging a used scalpel blade with a fresh blade. The entire process takes 2-3 seconds. During this one-handed operation, the user does not have to touch a blade and the used blade is disposed of in a sealed biohazard sharps container.
SKU Description
BLDX-2260-DS Changer device, 1 each
HNDL-2260 Handle for #22 and #60 blades
BLX-22 #22 Blade cartridge, 75 blades
BLX-60 #60 Blade cartridge, 50 blades
BLX-60-B #60-B Blade cartridge, 50 Blunt tip blades

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