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Nasopharyngeal Collection Swab (NP)

Part number YHSWAB/NP
5,000/case, sold by the case
Flocked polystyrene; coated with short synthetic fibers
6", 80mm breakpoint
FDA-registered, listing #3014383302
FDA product code KXG 

Oropharyngeal Collection Swab (OP)

Part number YHSWAB/OP
4,000/case, sold by the case
Flocked polystyrene; coated with short synthetic fibers  
6", 30mm breakpoint  
FDA-registered, listing #3014383302 
FDA product code KXG

2 Swab Set: 1 OP, 1 NP: In-stock now

Part number HC-13257/2
25 sets/package 
Polyester bicomponent fiber flocked swab   
6", 100mm breakpoint (both swabs)
FDA-registered, listing #3016831172
FDA product code KXG

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Viral Transport Medium 3mL Prefills

Part number HC-UTM/3mL
1,000/case, sold by the case
Stable for 12 months at room temperature
Specimens in this media are stable for 48 hours at room temperature
FDA-registered, listing #3016831172  

COVID 2-Swab and VTM Collection Kit

Part number NB-VTMKIT/2SWAB
500/case, sold by the case
1 Oropharangeal spun polyester swab 
1 Nasopharangeal flocked swab 
2mL prefilled vial with universal transport solution 
FDA-registered, listing #3014383302

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  1. StatGuard Biohazard Specimen Bags 6X9
    Item # : BGT0609/D

    6x9 biohazard specimen transport bag with zip lock and document pouch. Sold by the case, 1000/case.

  2. COVID Specimen Collection 2 Swab Set, 1 NP, 1 OP
    Item # : HC-13257/2

    2-swab set for COVID specimen collection. FDA-registered manufacturer. 25 sets/package. Sold by the package.

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