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ExCell Plus Fixative, Prefills and Bulk

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ExCell Plus™ is a low-hazard tissue fixative alternative to 10% formalin. ExCell Plus™ contains no heavy metals. This amazing tissue fixative firms tissue, and penetrates most tissue specimens as fast as 10% Formalin. ExCell Plus™ enhances microtome sectioning, H&E stains, Special Stains, Immuno-Stains, Flowcytometry, DNA Analysis, and Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH). ExCell Plus™ is virucidal, biocidal, and fungicidal.
  • There are many options to utilize ExCell Plus to reduce exposure in the lab.
  • Fix in ExCell Plus™ and Post-Fix in ExCell Plus to eliminate the dangers of 10% Formalin from the lab, surgery, shipping, or courier transportation.
  • Combine equal portions of ExCell Plus™ with 10% Formalin to lower exposure to formaldehyde fumes but maintain the fixation speed of formalin.
  • Fix in ExCell Plus™ and Post-Fix in 10% Formalin to reduce formalin exposure in surgical suites, during tissue grossing, or specimen transporting.
  • Fix in 10% Formalin and Post-Fix in ExCell Plus™ to maintain optimal fixation speed while reducing formaldehyde exposure in the lab.

    Prefilled Specimen Containers are pre-labeled, leak-tight, and filled to 50% of the container's volume with ExCell Plus Fixative.
    ExCell Plus™ has been CE Marked for sale in the European Union.

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