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HistoBond® Adhesion Slides, Pink, Clipped

SKU #: 418P/45
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HistoBond® adhesion slides are excellent for routine histology, frozen sections, special stains, as well as IHC. The clipped 45˚ corners reduce glass breakage and the formation of glass fragments when used in automated slide printers. The colored end of the slide has been optimized to produce excellent print resolution when used with the Leica or Sakura automated slide printers. The HistoBond® slides’ painted end is offered in eight unique colors. Slide printers and pen markings contrast exceptionally well with the bright colors of the HistoBond® slides. This insures the secure and efficient identification of specimens by patient, tissue type and facility. The thin coating of the marking area facilitates the processing of these slides on automated systems and prevents them from sticking together or being scratched. • 10 gross per case • Dimensions: 75 mm x 25 mm x 1 mm • White glass, with silane treated surface • Suitable for marking with inkjet and laser printers as well as with slide marking pens

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